Benefits of Kik

download (3)Kik and Kik Finder have other benefits that make communication easier. Live typing is being able to see whenever the person you are chatting is typing a message live. This lets users know whether or not they will be getting a reply shortly. Also, when a Kik user sends a message, they are notified when it is sent and delivered. Kik users can also invite their friends to join them on Kik by means of text message, email, or through social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. When a user’s friend with the phone or email address that is saved to their phone, Kik figures out that you are friends and sends both of you a notification to connect on Kik.



On Kik, users can do more than send out text messages. They can send videos, sketches, emoticons, and more. Kik users can also integrate socially on Kik. Users can connect to many social media sites and it is simple to share with people what they want to share. Kik users can also make their Kik personalized just for them. There are ways to for Kik users to personalize their accounts also. Every Kik user has their own username and password that they can personalize with their picture and user information.



all-colorsWhen chatting, Kik users can choose their own personal color for their chat bubbles. Kik users can also regulate the privacy of their account. They can choose whether or not they want Kik to have access to their address book to match it with their contacts. Users can also block other users from contacting them on Kik. Kik is for sure an up and coming app, with its popularity growing every day.